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Land Treatment Digital Library

Web site last synchronized with database: Wednesday 7/14/2023

Search the Land Treatment Digital Library  

Select which identifiers to search from the list below. Enter all or part of an identifier into the text box below the identifiers list. Choose whether the search text must appear at the beginning of the Name or Code, or whether it can occur anywhere.

  • Allotment Number
  • Categorical Exclusion Number
  • Contract ID
  • Documentation of NEPA Adequacy ID
  • Environmental Analysis Record ID
  • Environmental Assessment ID
  • ESR Code
  • Financial Project Code
  • Fire Name
  • Job Documentation Report ID
  • Memorandum of Understand Number
  • NEPA Log ID
  • NEPA Number
  • NFPORS Code
  • Permit Number
  • Prescribed Fire ID
  • Project Name
  • Range Improvement Project ID
  • Wildfire Code

How to cite the Land Treatment Digital Library:
Pilliod, D.S., Welty, J.L., and Jeffries, M.I., 2019, USGS Land Treatment Digital Library Data Release: A centralized archive for land treatment tabular and spatial data (ver. 6.0, August 2023): U.S. Geological Survey data release, (date accessed).