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Land Treatment Digital Library

Web site last synchronized with database: Wednesday 7/14/2023

Querying the Land Treatment Digital Library Database  

The Land Treatment Digital Library can be searched in a variety of ways.

Simple query:
A user can select projects by selecting from the State in which a treatment was conducted, the Agency and/or Office that conducted the treatment, the years in which the treatment was conducted, and/or the type of treatment that was conducted.

Identifier Search:
A user that knows one of the identifiers for a project, like the Project Name, Fire Code, NEPA number, etc... can use it to search find that Project.

Map Query:
A user can move around a map and draw a ploygon to select projects. Any treatment that overlaps the polygon is displayed in the results.

How to cite the Land Treatment Digital Library:
Pilliod, D.S., Welty, J.L., and Jeffries, M.I., 2019, USGS Land Treatment Digital Library Data Release: A centralized archive for land treatment tabular and spatial data (ver. 6.0, August 2023): U.S. Geological Survey data release, (date accessed).